The Passion Test

Can you tell what one of my Top 5 Passions are?

Yep - having incredible experiences all around the world with my gorgeous daughter Elodie.

If you'd asked me previously I would have vaguely said 'I like to travel', yet, it's so much more.

When you are clear on your passions, every single decsion you make is either leading you towards or away from the life you want.

That clarity is priceless.

Want to know what your Top 5 Passions are?

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What: Masterclass: The Passion Test

When: January 31, 2019 @ 1pm AEDST

Where: Wherever you want (you'll be sent the link)

Why: Life is too short to be going in the wrong direction

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This Masterclass is for you if...

  • You feel like you're meandering through life, not focused on what you love
  • You get stuck making decisions 
  • You know that if you had greater clarity, your life would be a smooother ride

You deserve to live a Passionate Life.  

Here's how this Masterclass will help.

Learn the 1 secret to living a passionate life

Learn how to use your passions to make decsions

Discover your life purpose

Create a more balanced life


What: Masterclass: The Passion Test

When: January 31, 2019 @ 1pm AEDST

Where: Wherever you want (you'll be sent the link)

Why: Because you deserve to be living a passionate life!

Let me tell you a little bit more...

I used to think I knew what my passions were. I was so very wrong. 

I knew what my skills were and I knew what I thought I should be doing. I didn't hate my life, and was generally pretty happy. Wasn't that living a passionate life?

No. So was finding your passions simply about a better sex or love life? 

No. Well, unless your love life is a true passion (you never know).

I'd gone down this meandering path, then I met Janet Bray Atwood and became a Passion Test Facilitator. Everything changed. Those parts of me that were like a hunger rising up were allowed to shine. It was ok for me to ackowledge to myself and others what really made my heart sing.

Previously when making decsions, I'd do the 50 questions about other people then make a choice. Not anymore. My passions are so clear, I ask myself simple questions and move in the right direction towards fulfilling those passions that are so important to me. you want to know yours?